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Cooking & Me



From the age of five, I knew at my core that I was destined to be a chef. Though It wasn’t a traditional vocation, I felt it within me and from then on I was persistent on making it my reality. So persistent in fact, that at the age of seven, I convinced my mother to let me cook my very first meal. I was ready, I had studied both of my parents and their unique cooking styles and was finally being blessed with the opportunity to put my knowledge to work; and I excelled 

This was more than just a dream. It was my calling and I worked at it every day, from landing my first job to getting my degree in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu. I was diligent and in 2009 I got the honor of working alongside my father in his Caribbean restaurant.  

Together we operated the business successfully, however as time progressed, I desired to showcase my talents beyond my Caribbean roots. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, I learned to create a variety of cuisines. Whether it be Mediterranean, French, Latin-American and even Southern, I could do it all. Thereby, with this skill set and my desire to branch out, came the idea of Chef Leroy Incorporated. And what a beautiful idea it was.

In 2011 I opened Chef Leroy Inc. as my own catering company. I took my foundation of Caribbean cuisine and accepted the challenge of fusing it with many other cuisines and cultures. As a result, I created flavors that were unique to the palette and provided an eating experience that was unlike anything my clients and customers had ever seen. I was a world class chef now and with my vision of Chef Leroy Inc. I was blessed to cook on Live Television, do commercials, and to work with many artists, pro athletes, and entertainers alike. This journey has been a great one, yet with all of this success. Chef Leroy Inc. is only getting started.

Today, we’re more than just a personal chef service and catering company. We’re expanding our clientele. Chef Leroy Inc. is now an excotic food and beverage hospitality company and we strive to provide food and service that caters to the heart's desire. Whether you’re just an individual or a business, tell us what you seek and we guarantee love, care and a Caribbean Flair in every dish we prepare. 

                                                                                                                        - Chef Leroy

Catering & Events


What's an event without food?  That's right, a disaster. The two go hand and hand. Food sets the tone for any occasion and can even brighten the gloomiest of rooms. So, if you want your event to have a great mood, give us a call and get some great food.


“Great food and an even better person.

Do yourself a favor and get a fantastic

meal today!!!” 

- Dante' Howard -

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Love & Care


It's one thing to provide quality food and another to provide quality customer service. Here at Chef Leroy Inc., we strive to do both each day. Whether it's dietary accommodations, food delivery, or feeding a multitude of people ; our customers and clients will walk away feeling both nurtured and nourished, with love in every bite. 

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