Welcome to Chef Leroy Inc. (C.L.I.)

Our Journey begins in February 2011, When I Chef Leroy Walwyn Jr. decided I needed my own company outside of my traditional Caribbean roots. So I read this book called You, Inc. by Burke Hedges. and it talks about discovering the C.E.O. within. I decided to incorporate my brand. Chef Leroy Inc. We have grown tremendously since our establishment and also seen some challenges as any new business would. But as of current day we are 7 years old and have added another piece to our business. C.L.I. is a Hospitality and Food Service Management Company. who is a Georgia Registered Corporation. whose products and brand is recognized in certain parts of the world. C.L.I. will obtain food service contracts and offer its produces world wide by the year 2022. We will own and operate multiple food chain outlets which give you a different taste of Chef Leroy's Caribbean fusion cuisine he has created. C.L.I. is recognized as a sister company to Caribbean Flavors Virgin Islands Restaurant.

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